Flashforge Creator 3 3D Printer Review

It seems like the advent of 3D printing technologies will not be stopped anytime soon. The thing is that additive manufacturing brings us cost-efficiency, optimizes the manufacturing workflow, and grants us the ability to create precise three-dimensional models of basically anything we want without setting a foot outside our home workshop, office, or factory. Besides, 3D printing technologies facilitate the development of high-end solutions due to their potential to create any kind of object (even human organs and biological tissues) in a fast, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient way.

But let’s shift our attention towards use cases that lie within the reach of prosumers and professional makers and review the projects that can be executed shortly after obtaining a professional yet budget-friendly 3D printer. Today, we are going to talk about FDM-powered 3D printing, which comes as one of the most popular additive manufacturing technologies to date. To make a long story short, FDM 3D printers have a number of advantages over their resin-based counterparts: they are easier to use, print a whole lot faster, create stronger and more durable models as well as ensure minimal expenses. Another important advantage of FDM-based machines is that they can be upgraded with a dozen of different add-ons all by yourself.

Flashforge Creator 3

Today, we are going to talk about the Flashforge Creator 3. It is a professional fully enclosed desktop FDM 3D printer with a dual extrusion system designed for a streamlined and effortless printing experience that can print industry-grade parts right after unboxing. But is this 3D printer really as good as they say it is? Read the article for an in-depth review.


The Flashforge Creator 3 is a professional desktop FDM 3D printer that offers an outstanding build volume of 300 x 250 x 200 mm (11.8 x 9.8 x 7.9 inches) which is perfect for non-stop dual nozzle-powered industry-grade production. The printer comes fully enclosed, which prevents undesired temperature fluctuations and expands the range of printable materials, letting you print with high-temperature plastics and create astonishingly durable, fully functional parts. Besides, the enclosure makes the whole printing process much safer. You can learn more about the advantages of full enclosure by reading this article.

Flashforge 3D printer price, Aside from being fully enclosed, the Flashforge Creator 3 is supplied in a fully assembled state, removing any play that could’ve been caused by improper self-assembly. Besides, it features an automatic calibration system, letting you proceed to the actual printing process as soon as possible.

Another advantage of the Creator 3 is that it can create stunningly precise and neatly-looking prints by printing at a minimum layer height of just 50 microns. This lets you create accurate industry-grade three-dimensional parts with an incredibly smooth surface finish. Moreover, this printer is easy to operate since it offers several connectivity options as well as an easy-to-use touch screen for effortless standalone operation. Read on to find out what else this device has to offer.

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